Dressmaking Diary: Looking back at 2018 and forward to 2019

If you follow this blog enough, you’ll definitely know that this year has been crazy for me! But I just wanted to write this post to look back on my original plans for this blog, how these plans changed, my sewing achievements and my goals for Dressmaking Diary in 2019.

The original plan

My very first blog post was published in April. I made this blog just to have somewhere to document my progress in sewing and to include people in my journey. But big changes happened in my life which made me change the direction I wanted this blog to take.

A change in direction

At the end of May, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). Initially, I planned on lying low with blogging as I knew my look was going to change and I was going to lose hair. But I changed my mind. I didn’t want my disease to stop me from doing what I want to do. I also wanted to continue blogging to show that hair or no hair, no matter what race, and no matter what body shape, we’re all beautiful. So I continued to sew, and I continued to blog, even though chemotherapy quickly changed the way I looked.

While I was doing chemo, my life felt like it was on hold. I wasn’t working and I wasn’t studying, but during this time I sewed. And while I felt like I wasn’t progressing in my job or my studies, I could see that my sewing was progressing. I met myself with challenges and I found ways to improve. Although I felt like most of my life was on pause, seeing that I was moving forward with sewing helped give me hope that I was moving forward in beating cancer.

I never thought that I would use this blog to share my personal stories but I found that blogging about my cancer story was a good release for me. Everyone I encountered showed me so much support and all your support reminded that the fight is worth it.

Dressmaking Diary Achievements

  1. Sewing independently. Before this blog, I mostly sewed with my dressmaking class, under the guidance of a teacher. This year, I didn’t take a dressmaking class for financial reasons (I was a broke uni student who blew all my money on travel), and I began to sew independently.
    My first sewing project for this blog!
  2. Sydney University noticed my sewing! For my Gryffindor robe, I chose my old university, Sydney Uni, as the location for the photoshoot. I was really honoured when they shared it!
  3. Featuring in Sewn Magazine! This was another moment I was really honoured for. Michelle from, thatblackchic.com, gave me the opportunity to sew a cardigan for the September/October Denim Issue of Sewn Magazine. I’m really grateful to be part of one of the most diverse magazines I’ve ever read!

Goals for 2019

  1. Sew at least 9 items #sewnine2019 (see below)
  2. Get more people into sewing! Perhaps by posting sewing tutorial videos or tutorial blog posts.
  3. Wear my sewing more. I’d love to travel more in 2019 and hopefully, I can blog about it wearing my hand-sewn items!

Sew Nine 2019 Challenge

I’m not sure if any of you heard of the Sew Nine Challenge. But it’s a challenge that’s been going around Instagram, it’s a pretty self-explanatory challenge where you choose nine items to sew and you focus on sewing it for the year. These are my nine items:

My aim is for it to be items that I actually plan to wear:

  1. Romper
  2. Coat
  3. Top for work
  4. Activewear
  5. Sports bra
  6. Jacket
  7. Pants
  8. Casual dress
  9. Work dress

A quick update on my cancer treatment

So I’ve completed all the chemotherapy and radiation therapy from my treatment plan and I have a PET scan scheduled for January 25, 2019. I’m hoping that the PET scan shows I’m in remission and I stay in remission. So please keep me in your prayers because that’s the best we can do right now! ❤️

Me and my trophy 🏆 (aka my radiotherapy mask) at my last radiation session!

My Personal 2019 Goals

So I’ve said all my goals for this blog, but these are my goals for myself:

  1. Get back on my feet again after the craziness of this year
  2. Cherish every moment I have with the people I love

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you for all your support and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

God bless!

Christmas hasn’t come yet but here’s just some photos of early celebrations and outings over the past few weeks.

Family dinner after my last radio
Christmas party with our family’s prayer group (yes that’s me rocking the boy cut)
Another Christmas party with family friends
At Kiama last weekend with my boyfriend, Gino

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One thought on “Dressmaking Diary: Looking back at 2018 and forward to 2019

  1. Thank you for sharing such a detailed list of goals and triumphs! I am so happy to have met you through sewing and I look forward to learning from your youthful approach to sewing! Your free spirit has definitely inspired me to try new things! Like combining fabrics I would not normally have thought went together! You have such a natural eye for fashion, I want to learn more from you! Let’s both listen to our bodies this coming year and be compassionate to ourselves! We are strong capable women and we are just getting started! ❤ ❤ ❤

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