The Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe: Simplicity 5840



Hey everyone! It’s Steph again. So a fellow blogger, and I, bought tickets for the Wizard’s Brunch. It’s a Harry Potter themed brunch that I was really looking forward to. For it, I sewed a Gryffindor robe! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re no longer able to attend. But I’d like to thank Andre Tabula for giving me the chance to feel like a wizard for this photoshoot! More photos at the bottom of this post and the gallery!

The other bits and pieces of the costume: Button-up Shirt Forever New | Jumper Uniqlo |Pleated Skirt Glassons | Gryffindor Tie Costume Box

   Fabric (Outer): Panama Stretch
   Fabric (Lining): Top Poplin
   Pattern: Simplicity 5840 B
    Difficulty: Advanced

The Process

Layouts (well most of it)
The sides are still open
Sewed in the arms and closed the sides
The lining
Putting in the lining
Almost done…. the lining is looking a bit off. Finished product at the end!

Turning Simplicity 5840 B into a Harry Potter Robe

Simplicity 5840 B is the blue robe on the top left hand corner.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 8.06.15 PM

To modify it, I sewed the same robe using black material. I then went on to sew the lining. As a guide on how I wanted to sew the lining I used this image.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 1.17.52 pm

According to the image, the hood, sleeves and border of the front panels are lined maroon and the rest is lined black. I then altered the original pattern to create the lining which suits the image above.

The lining which will go inside the robe

Sometimes you just need that extra help

When it came to the final steps (attaching the lining), I was going off script to what the pattern was telling me to do. Things got a little tricky… it was too puffy and the lining kept rolling out. None of the online advice was working, I needed someone to see the garment and give me specific advice. So a friend gave me the number of a lovely lady named Denise who does alterations. I told her my situation and she was happy to have a look at it and guided me through what I needed to fix and do next. She gave me really specific and practical advice which I’m super grateful for.

Passion Tip

Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help. I was so frustrated while I was sewing this garment that I felt like giving up! But with the help of someone who was more experienced, I made it through and came out more confident to tackle it again on my own.

Finished Product

Photos by: Andre Tabula

See more photos of this shoot in the gallery!

I hope you enjoy this week’s post! I have another dressmaking project in the works and this one will be a street wear one. I also have more “My Journey” posts coming out soon. So follow Dressmaking Diary on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated 😉

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